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Oil and diesel filters
As far as regard the engine, we know that:

Oil Abrasive particles wear out engine’s elements (e.g. shaft, reeds, bushes) before time 
Contaminated diesel fuel causes excessive emissions and performance reduction. 
Therefore, filter is very important. It protects the engine and makes it last a long time keeping top performance. While working, filter is subjected to a hostile environment: temperatures up to 150°. For this reason why you need new, efficient and reliable filters such as Perkins Powerpart oil and diesel filters.

As a testimonial of our products’ high quality, you should know that their resistance and functions are rigorously tested in the most advanced Perkins workshops.

Trust us! They are considered suitable to first equipment according to BS4836 for oil filters and according to ISO 4020 for diesel fuel filters.

Results on the engine: 
Oil filters: maximization of the basic components, minimization of early wear outs and melting risks, absence of leaks 
Diesel fuel filters: performance optimisation, starting improvement, increase in fuel economy, fumes and waste reduction, longer durability of atomizer, injectors and injector pump. 
Oil filters prevent particles (from bombustion and friction) entering the engine and causing excessive wear. 

Perkins oil filters are manufactured to Perkins exact specification ensuring the long life and reliability of the engine. 

Perkins Powerpart Oil Filters are the Original Equipment part fitted to all Perkins engines in the factory. They: 

Maximise engine life. 
Minimise core eomponent wear. 
Minimise the risk of engine seizure. 
Are competitively priced. 


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