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Perkins Gaskets
Gaskets are fitted between all non rotating engine components. They provide a seal to contain water, oil and air. They also keep out unwanted materials. 

Perkins gasket kits provide all the parts needed for extensive dismatling jobs. Kits give you the right parts at the lowest cost in one convenient package. 

Perkins gaskets use the most appropriate materials for providing a long term seal. Because Perkins design and manufacture the engine only they fully understand the demands on every single component. 

The material and construction used in Powerpart gaskets provides a long term and leak free seal for the lowest possible cost. 

They are designed for the specific set of operatng conditions in which that particular joint of gasket operates. 

Alternative gaskets have a more limited life than Perkins gaskets. Lower material specifications are often used reducing sealing capability and gasket life. 

Oil or water can soak through lower specification materials causing them to weaken and fail. Perkins gasket materials resist this effect. 

Perkins gaskets are tolerant of a wide range of uneven surfaces. Competitor products may not be a tolerant and can leak in conditions where the Perkins gasket will seal. 

Competitor products may not be tolerant of high temperature and could lose their flexibility and elasticity. Perkins gaskets are designed to retain flexibility throughout the life of the engine. 

As Perkins engines have developed to produce more and more power the gasket technology used has also developed. 

The lastest engines produce high combustion pressures and temperatures. They often use "Multi Layer Stell" (MLS) gaskets. 

In agricultural applications the engine is usually an integral part of the chassis. The sump gasket is manufactured from different materials to those fitted onto other applications. 

Oil seals prevent the leakage of oil between moving parts. There are 2 basic types of oil seal: 

Crankshaft Oil seals These retain oil in the sump. There are 2 types of Crancshalft oil seal: 
Front end of the crankshaft. 
Rear end of the crankshaft. 
Valve Stem Oil Seals These retain & control oil in the valve train. One is fitted on each valve stem. 
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