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Cylinder components
As far as regards cylinder components you should use just Perkins Powerpart original spare parts.


Answer: because a poor-quality spare part gives inevitably poor-quality results! Your engine will: 
Waste a major quantity of fuel and diesel. 
Experience a major wear-out of its parts 
Loose performance 
Have an increase in emissions 
Then, in order to help you to choose the right product, here there is an “identikit” of fake spare parts, which you should not use.

Wrong pistons: 
socket diameter different from plug diameter; lights presence between pivot and piston causing strokes, rapid wear out and short-term durability. 
Absence of surface precision (uniform tools retaining lubrication oils); loads bounce on the plugs causing oil leaks, lubrication reduction and wear-out increase. 
Chamber effect on piston and piston orientation when not matching the injection system causes bad combustion, non-uniform power, high fuel use, high emissions. 
Spurious segments: unlikely regular spring rings – or segments – which exert uniform pressure on the reed, spurious segments exert excessive pressure risking the oil film breaking, wear out increase, power decrease and jam (caused by contact of metals). 
Too subtle reeds: Such reeds let every monoblock surface irregularity effects their interior wall leading to a bad guide between piston and segment and to deep lining. 
Wrong smoothing: as reed width is narrow at the base, this will be subjected to breaks during the assemblage. 
Wrong width of the rugosity inclination angle: when it is too narrow, oil comes out quickly causing bad lubrication; when it is too wide, oil is retained causing an excessive use of fuel and increase in smoke emissions. 
Inconsistent rugosity: you experience a poor oil efficacy, wear out increase with jam risk.
Non original spare parts tested in our workshop gave out alarming results: even the basic critical tolerance was not respected!

This should be enough to realize how important is to use Perkins Powerpart spare parts only. Thus, they respond to the characteristics which guarantee your engine endurance. 
Michele Caroli Srl is at your complete disposition, ready to help you find the solutions to your material needs.

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