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Air Filters
A 4-cylinder diesel engine needs just 1 hour to waste the amount of air volume contained in 25 tank and just a table spoon of dust to be damaged.

Dirty or blocked filters can obstruct the engine, causing: 
Lost of power 
Fuel use increase 
Possible damages 
Filter cleaning can cause some setbacks: 
As even the deepest cleaning process removes just the surface dirt, dust particles remain trapped in its structure. 
Compressed air can damage the paper. 
Dust hits it at high speed, and once it is removed holes remain expanded letting even more dust get into the engine. 
Engine performance is very much reduced, while damaging probability increases together with fixing and overhauling costs. 
Now you can realise how important is to assemble only very safe filters in your engine.

Thanks to their optimal air flow, Perkins filters guarantee highest security with top performance.

Their properties: 
High quality paper This paper does not allow even the smallest particle (a thousand of a millimetre diameter) into the engine and it is treated to be water resistant. 
Equidistant folds Equidistant folds cover all the surface leading to filtration properties improvement. 

Very efficient filtration properties They provide dust removal of 99.99%. 
Inner and outer wraps make the filter element strong and durable. 
Element precise sizes and capacities guarantee perfect assembly and high filtration efficiency. 
N.B. Remember to substitute the filtration element regularly in order to spare time and money! 
Perkins Air Filters are designed to provide complete engine protection while ensuring optimum air flow. 

High grade filter media is specifically designed for a heavy dury dust environment and has high water resistant properties. This provides dust removal of 99.99%. 

Embossed media and even pleat spacing ensures the filter element always performs to its maximum efficienty. The support system prevents pleat bunching and maximizes media utilisation. 

High quality inner and outer wraps make the filter element strong and durable. 
Air cleaner have undergone a number of significant changes in recent years. Traditional materials such as the steel air cleaner bodies have been replaced by toughened plastic altervatives. 

The elements within the new air cleaners have also been improved. They now featuring RADIAL SEALS. 

Radial seal air cleaners are now fitted by Perkins as standard on many engine types. This type of air cleaner is also being used by other engine manufacturers and OEMs. 
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