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Distribution organs

Which are their functions? 
Valves: they allow air to flow into the cylinders, and gas fumes to flow out of them; they are phosphated in order to reduce friction (they are chromium-plated in high-calibre engines), and their top of the rod is strengthened in order to do not be worn out. 
Camshaft: it guarantees the correct valves functioning thanks to lobes located inside the distribution system. 
Valve guide: they are phosphated in order to reduce friction and their size adaptation is very low. These characteristics make valves work at their best. 
Crankshaft group: it is available as preassembled or in single parts. It transmits the movement – by means of arms and tappets – from the camshaft to the valves, letting oil flow for a better lubrication. 
Tappet arms: they are characterized by strengthened ends (in order to do not be worn out). They link tappets to the crankshaft group. 
Valves springs: Their aim is to keep the right valves’ opening and closing. They are so precise they would never be damaged. Unsuitable springs will let the valve bounce causing gas-tight problems. 
Tappets: in order to obtain valves opening, tappets follow camshaft rotation, and go through the lobe and then they reach the compensator. 
Valves-location: They are made of high-quality materials in order to keep the good capacity of the head of the cylinders and the characteristic rotating movement of each valve. 
Remember: fake components use could lead to a before time wear out of distribution organs and cylinders, increase of fumes and emissions, and of course a decrease in engine performance.

You should then only use Perkins Powerpart components. They are perfectly integrated in a harmonic system and they are the only to give you full power, fuel productivity and the right amount of emissions, as they have been planned in order to get engine top performance! 
All of these organs of the didtribution are normally kept in stock and are ready for shipping today.
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