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Ultrasep UFS-SP N Oil/Water Separators
The Ultrasep Superplus N takes care of your oil/water separation and also fulfils the legal demands. A range of 7 sizes from 120 m/h to 7.200 m/h takes care of all your oil/water mixtures of air compressor condensate and fulfils your requirements for filtration solutions.
UFA-AC Ultraaqua Autoclean Oil/Water Emulsions Separator
Donaldson has developed the Ultraaqua for the processing of stable oil/water emulsions of compressed air condensate, and can guarantee a filtrate quality of better than 5 ppm. You benefit from special features such as a LC-display, ceramic membrane, Viton seals and frost-protection for the membranes by means of a sensor-controlled heater system.


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